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PVC Coated General Purpose Conveyor Belting

Our PVC coated general purpose belts are manufactured from polyester-based fabrics, which are made from combinations of monofilament and spun yarns. They offer excellent tracking characteristics, minimal edge wear and good stability, and are generally less expensive than polyurethane belts.

The thicker coatings on these belts makes them highly resilient and extremely shock resistant, so they're ideal for handling heavier items such as packaged goods. They are also suitable for use with wrapped foodstuffs and boxed items.

Whitaker Transmissions - Gravity Roller Conveyor

Other features include:

  • Highly durable
  • Good wear resistance
  • Low noise running grades are available
  • Resistant to many chemicals, fats and solvents
  • Self-extinguishing belts are available where fire is a high risk factor

As well as our standard coating, a hard coated surface is available for greater abrasion resistance. We also offer a range of grip top surfaces for incline and decline applications and perforated conveyor belts to accommodate vacuum applications.

General purpose plastic coated conveyor belting is suitable for flights, sidewalls and guide tracks, and can be supplied as finger jointed or finger overlap jointed. Their versatility means they will also accept a wide range of belt fasteners.

General temperature range: -10°C to +80°C

Flat Drive Belts

We supply the more traditional types of flat drive belting, such as leather or rubber and canvas, either on the roll or cut to size with the appropriate fastening fitted. We also offer modern alternatives, such as polyamide core belts, which can be vulcanised endless, thus offering high power outputs and high friction driving surfaces.

Flat drive belts have greater contact / wrap around properties and are highly efficient as they minimise equipment wear and power loss. Their flexibility means they will operate around smaller pulley diameters.

This strong, resilient type of belting allows for torque fluctuations and is able to absorb shock loads and vibration. Once the correct pre-tensioning force has been set, it will be virtually stretchless, and high speeds of over 50 meters per second can be achieved.

Whitaker Transmissions - Product Selection

Common applications for flat drive belts include:

  • Back Stand Belts
  • Core Winding
  • Cutter Drives
  • Cylinder Drives
  • Drills
  • Lathes
  • Paper Reel Drives
  • Saws
  • Slitter Drives
  • Spindle Moulders
  • Wire Drawing

We also offer a range of super-endless (jointless) belt grades for applications which demand very high speeds and small diameter pulleys.

Non-Flat Belting & Associated Products

We also offer the following types of belts and allied products:

  • Roller Coverings - Non Adhesive & Self Adhesive
  • Round Belting - Solid & Tubular, for conveying and light drive applications
  • Timing Belts - Metric & Imperial, for positive drive and high torque drives
  • Variable Speed Belts
  • Vee Belts - Standard & Notched for greater flexibility

We are also proud to be Official Distributors for Flexco. We stock the ALLIGATOR range of belt fasteners, tools and equipment.

Additional Services

The following additional services are also available from Whitaker Transmissions:

  • Dough moulding plates and drums covered
  • Gravity rollers available to order
  • Site visits and assessments

Samples of materials are available upon request. Please use our Enquiry Form to contact us with your requirements or call us on 01254 382791 to speak to one of our friendly, experienced members of staff.